Many a times, we have gone through the point where we are not solely responsible for the actions we have done, the decisions we have made. But have you ever thought, why is it so?

After a lot of thinking and pondering over cups of coffee and tea, I came to a number of points for this scenario. The world is full of people of various ages and cultures. All have a different perspective of life and different goals and aspirations to look up to. Every human is different and uniqueness is the feature characteristic. But, then, human tends to fail in a lot many aspects and in this blog I am going to let you all know about them.

  1. Humans change the religious piousness as per their need.
  2. Human of various culture and religions are accepted with a great difficult(Note: a few of the whole count of humans in the world).
  3. Marriages are done as per the class of parents’ family.
  4. Business class people tend to collaborate to the other business class family on the basis of relation of their boy and girl.
  5. No respect for feelings and emotions.
  6. No respect to privacy and personal space of the individual.
  7. Society pressure, for marriage of children after they turn 22(in India) and having kids after just a few years of marriage.
  8. Suppression of aspirations of young couples due to old people of the family.
  9. Love marriages are looked as heinous crime(in India).
  10. Inter religion marriages become a religious riot.
  11. Parents compare their children with others, ignoring to the fact that their child is unique and expert in a different trade.
  12. Individuals who move abroad to work or study, they are not worth in India that is why they moved abroad.

Having seen all these aspects in movies, series and real lives as well, I believe you all tend to agree. My thoughts on these are very simple.

  1. Who gives birth? Our parents!
  2. Who brings us up? Our parents!
  3. Who stays awake during our exams/fever/accidents..? Our parents!
  4. Who feels proud when we achieve something great? Our parents!
  5. Who sacrifice everything for us? Our parents!

Where are the people of the neighborhood here, the relatives or the older people. The story stays between parents and child. But to create hassle in the individual’s life, it is the society. The child is grown up and marries the person she/he loves, the parents are shamed by the society. The child fails in some exam, the parents are shamed. The child takes up a career in expressing his/her will freely, the parents are shamed on the upbringing they gave. The girl does something wrong in her in laws home, the entire family would blame and shame the parents.

Why on earth is it so difficult to understand and accept, the world runs on changes. We are living in 21st century and all the more, the world is ending. Why do the so called society not keep their mouth closed until and unless they can praise an individual. If we mind our business, probably, many children will not run away from home, the world would be more peaceful and the sins will reduce gradually.

The ladies who don’t have any other work than gossip, please stop this window talking. If you can’t help anyone, then please pray that God shall help them. Before speaking, think that are you in a position to say these things to the individual. Before judging, and hurting another person, think does the person really needs your advice.

Speak not unless told to, this the philosophy of the corporate company. That is why people of different levels, work on their level and not poke the CEO/COO/CFO to take decision on their inputs.

Think about all these, and let me know what you think at

Take care and make world a better place to live in!