The Loss…The Pain…So unbearable yet it is..

What befalls on a human, is either a blessing or punishment from the almighty. Very few in the world believe in this aspect of life. When some trouble or pain falls on an individual, at that time, it feels so unbearable. It feels that suddenly how can the Almighty do such a thing to me. But, if you really trust God, then all shall seem to make sense.

In the pandemic, many as in lakhs or people lost their lives and many lost their near and dear ones. Who knows, when anyone leaves us. The deaths are all so uncertain. The deaths and births make us realize, how things are designed by the Almighty, and no human has control on it. The pandemic has left the human race only pleading to the Almighty and no one else. The preachers and saints, of all religions and cultures, have indicated that its the Almighty who can help us and forgive us for our sins and no one else is powerful than HIM alone.

Many have died and any cured in the pandemic of Covid-19. But, many have lost their own sons and daughters, own parents and siblings. For the families to bear such a huge loss, is such an unbearable thought. I recently visited my close family elderly person, who had lost her husband a few years back due to Cancer and was just starting to getting used to living for her children when suddenly, this pandemic hit. The pandemic hit all of us, but she was severely hit.

The businesses suffered huge losses for months, both small and big. This lady’s son had 2 beautiful daughters aged 4years and 6 months. He panicked. He was not able to work as he should for his family. He was failing in gathering payments from his customers due to low market requirement and safety concerns. He was a small business owner in a small town. His daily need and eagerness of re-establishing his business, was gaining speed. He would stay out of home for hours when the lockdown was proposed.

It was not the right way but he was a father after all and a son to an old lady. His family expected him to sort everything. He was the MAN of the House. The pain and the fear, was not meant for him, because he was a family man. The time was bad and situations growing worst. The cases to the pandemic was increasing heavily. The hospitals all packed, the doctors working for weeks continuously, but there was no control.

One day, he came back from the market, all drenched in sweat. His daughters running around him happily, his wife giving him water and talking to him while his old mother watching him dearly. No body knew these could be the last happy moments for this family. Day by day he started getting high fever, coughing, as these were the first symptoms of what is known as Covid-19. He kept his daughters away from him, but his wife and mother were trying to cure him in home.

His hypertension was increasing with every passing hour. The feeling of being so helpless, is definitely so underestimated. Its so powerful that in no time, the individual will reach the mode of depression. He was lying on the bed just thinking about how his daughters would survive in this world. How his wife would face the world alone? How his mother would live alone?

But all these thoughts could not increase his health and immunity to fight the virus. The virus had reached down to his weakest organ. He was in pain, physically and emotionally. Nothing can be determined beforehand ever. He was fading away gradually. He could not even give the courage to his family to live without him. He went…..away..!

The family was shocked! His relatives were so spellbound that they could not believe it. The hospital did not give the body and no last ceremonies could be performed for him. His mother still holds the regret of not being able to even give him a proper good bye bidding. His daughters still look at the door waiting for him to come back. His wife, is stranded. People talk bad, extreme atrocities of the Indian culture.

The face of Indian culture, re-marrying is the only option to raise the 2 daughters safely. But, his memories are strong enough to let them live. The 2 daughters shall be the one, who would make him proud in heaven. His sudden demise and loss, was in the pandemic, and now, when Vaccines are coming in the country, it leaves no positive impact on them. It is useless for them.

The old mother wants to die, because daily she is dying in the absence of his dear son. The house has been haunted. The quietness and the peace in house is so killing. The silence is the noise that hits the heart hard. The kids have lost their innocence and the wife has lost all colors of life. What beholds for them in future, no one but the Almighty knows.

The mother is old, but has kept all is toys in her room. The pictures of him is all on the floor. The tears in her eyes never drain out. She keeps praying to the Almighty to keep her son in good place. She keeps talking about him. She keeps looking at his pictures. She is alone. Her pain is so unbearable. Her pain is so deep. But can we get her out of it. No! She has the house and she wont leave that house. That house, seems to haunt her now, but soon it will sooth her. Almighty gives them pain who can bear them, not the ones who will lose against the pain.

I contribute this article, to all those, who lost their closed ones. No one can feel the pain you are going through, but have belief on God. He never does wrong to anyone. Good people are dear to all, and so they are to the Almighty. He is the one who gave us birth and he shall be the one to take us back. We are just puppets here, carrying out our duties.

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Be safe, stay home! Take care:Barira

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